if winter comes, can spring be far behind?

25+ reblogs, mbf me, x solos, must reach


posting in the evening

lunch promo,:),


  • first 10+
  • must be following grett
  • all promoted to 20+ k dash C;

first 30+, mbf clarusity, all promoted, few solos & fansigns, rest are in list and must reach!! c:


So, I’m near my next thousand so it would mean a lot if you’ll help me by reblogging this!! c: OR JUST HELP ME!!! c: ily and stay fab x

{Wednesday the 16th} Promo


- must be following aurumes (don’t unfollow after)
- check out, and maybe even follow virctis
- must reach 30+ reblogs, no likes
- there will be 2 fansigns, 3 solos and x lists of randoms